How effective is the international primary curriculum?

a? How creativity promotes learning

Select an aspect of practice which is of interest to you, which will be the focus for classroom based enquiry. Conduct your enquiry during the designated time in school, including collecting relevant field notes on the study where appropriate. Use your Learning Journal to record your reflections on practice.
Write a 2000 word paper supporting your Learning Journal records, providing an analysis of the chosen aspect of practice. You should include in your discussion some evaluation of the theory and research from relevant literature, and how this relates to practice. In the concluding section you should demonstrate clearly the implications for practice and how this study has supported your development as a teacher.

I would like a brief description of the international primary curriculum and how effective it is applied in the classroom.
include hoe it appeals to children with a variety of learning styles
describe how/when the children are interested in the topic they choose to follow up and increase their knowledge
include the flow of creativity described by Csikszentmihalyi

the international element of the curriculum increases self esteem of immigrant children in a multicultural classroom.

children start asking questions that they want to find out the answer to which makes learning more effective.

disadvantages of the international primary curriculum needs to be planned really carefully some topics dont cover all subjects.

please relate all this to the english classroom

please include the recommendations of the cambridge review and the new creative curriculum which will come into force in england in septermber 2011

include these materials:
the creative teaching and learning toolkit best/thomas (ISBN) 978-0-8264-8598-4
toxic childhood sue palmer (ISBN) 0-75287-359-8
the creative imperative by roger cole
be creative claxton/lucas (ISBN) 056348764x
creativity in education and learning Cropley Routledge/falmer
the creative school Jeffrey/woods Routledge/Falmer