How emerging technologies can affect an industry.

 Using relevant examples, demonstrate how digitalisation and/or recent emerging technologies have affected an industry of your choice. In particular, show the impact of technological change on profitability and business models. New strategies developed by these companies should then be analysed in light of the existing related academic literature. Finally, based on academic research, suggest alternative strategies that could help alleviate the issues brought about by technological change.

For the exemple: How video games affected the industry of toy.

1The innovators dilemma: when new technologies cause great firms to fail

By Clayton M. Christensen available in this link (books?hlen&lr&idSIexi_qgq2gC&oifnd&pgPR7&dqintroduce+new+technology&otsAhzUbBCdGi&sigpgoY3bw1T8nqy_kA-63GqKSGW10#vonepage&qintroduce%20new%20technology&ffalse)

2Please, use 3 moe references