How gender, race and class are depicted in the media

In the class readings (Peach 91-96), class lecture and discussion, we identified several different themes and images with respect to media representations of gender, race and class. Based on the videos/clips we saw in class, the readings and the class lecture and discussion of these videos, describe how gender, race and class are depicted in the media. Choose one particular theme or image and find an example in contemporary popular culture (a movie, television show, music video, song, etc.). Briefly describe the source and the nature of the image. What is the movie/video/TV show title and which character are you using in your illustration? Next, explain how your choice illustrates a theme or image from the class lecture.

you could use this from youtube for the paper as a source (Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes).
I want this to be done by monday afternoon. its due at night so please do not be late.
Thank you