How globalization affect our economic system ?

a lot globalization in my marketing class and I want to gain more knowledge about globalization. Globalization will also decrease international terrorism all around the world. With the recession that has been going on today, as said before, there are many layoffs on jobs everywhere. This is where globalization comes in place. Short story globalization will expand work field for laborers.

Sources 1.

The first article for my sources is  Firsthand Experience and the Subsequent Role of Reflected Knowledge in Cultivating Trust in Global Collaboration Authors: Mark Mortensen and Tsedal Beyene. This article is basically about how globalization is a necessary to improve labor force, organizations, socio-demographics, etc. It also stated how direct knowledge played an important role in identifying barriers on globalization. It also discussed about how workers can work better with others internationally.

2.  Financial Literacy, Financial Decisions, and the Demand for Financial Services: Evidence from India and Indonesia Authors:Shawn Cole, Thomas Sampson, and Bilal Zia. This article explained why demands for financial services are low for emerging markets. This is because of the limited financial literacy. Short words, if people are not comfortable with the product, they will not buy them. It also stated that by reducing the cost maybe the only effective way in increasing demands on the financial markets.

3.  A New Kind of Globalization-A broader array of nations needs to unite around finance, energy and the environment. By Robert B. Zoellick | NEWSWEEK. This article explained how multilateralism helps to solve globalization problems among countries because of the economic storms that the world suffer today. In order to do that, they need a new steering group similar to the G7 group that helps increase international economic power. As we can see now international energy markets is not stable. They also can help the energy producers and consumers. Also, they will assist United Nations in making decisions in their negotiation. References: Mortensen, Mark and Beyene, Tsedal. (2009,July 29). Firsthand Experience and the Subsequent Role of Reflected Knowledge in Cultivating Trust in Global Collaboration. Retrieved October 18, 2009, from item/6166.html Zoellick, Robert B. (2008, Dec 31). A New Kind of Globalization-A broader array of nations needs to unite around finance, energy and the environment. Retrieved October 18, 2009, from 177428

The last of my 2 sources are interviews.

For the first interview, I interviewed my friend Harry Santyoso. He graduated last semester from USF and now working in Merryl Lynch company as a manager. The second person I interviewed is Peter Budiono who is currently working at Wells Fargo as a manager.

1. -Why I choose this person for my interview? The reason I choose Harry for my interviews is because he is an expert in knowing the global market economy today. He understands the importance of globalization in affecting stock shares, recessions, etc. From my point of view, he is pretty credible in these particular fields. -Why is it valuable for me? He provides many different kinds of information about how market shares tend to rise or decrease. I also envy him because that he is able to maintain his job at this time of recession.

2.  Why I choose this person for my interviews? Peter has been working in Wells Fargo for 3 years. He understands the concept of banking really well. Also, he has many international connections which are really beneficial for my topic. Last but not least, he agreed with the facts that globalization will change the flow of our economic system. -Why is it valuable for me? Not much different with Harry s, he provides me with a lot of updates on how our global economy is doing today. For me, Peter is very accurate and precise person in his field. He will make sure all the things are correct before making a decision rather than speculating them.

please use this sources for this first draft of the paper..thx

How globalization affect our economic system ?

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