How globalization benefits Americas economy

In this paper, you should:
a) Give a concise summarization of the authorsa key argument or purpose in writing the piece.
b) Identify three concepts central to the argument/analysis, along with definitions that you formulate (you can draw on the text, but do not simply copy a definition word-for-word).
c) Briefly assess the quality of the argument with regard to logic and evidence. Does the reasoning make sense? What evidence is offered to support it, and is it sufficient? What assumptions underlie the argument, and are they justified? What counter argument would you offer?
d) a?ca? can be accomplished in conjunction with a?da?a¦..Introduce a recent international situation through which a key issue raised by the readings can be explored. This is where your international news source will be helpful. You should analyze the situation from the perspective of the readings and films up to that point in the course.”

I will be attaching a written article that you will be needing for the paper , also please try to connect it to the video from youtube
please let me know if you have any questions or if you need more instructions. thank you