How globalization has changed MNCs financial management

We are now living in a world where all major economic functions-consumptions, productions and investment-are highly globalized. For example, U.S. consumers routinely purchase oil imported from Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, garments from China, TV sets from Korea, shoes from Indonesia, and wines from France. Foreigners, in turn, purchase American-made aircraft, software, wheat and etc.
Like consumption, production of goods and services have become highly globalized as a result of multinational corporations (MNCs)i?? effort to source inputs and locate production anywhere in the world where costs are lower and profits are higher. Recently, financial markets have also become highly integrated. This development allows MNCs gain access to foreign capitals, as illustrated by Toyotai??s venture in China was partly financed by American investors who purchase Toyota shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Eun and Resnick International Financial Management 6e).
Because of globalization, it is essential for future business leaders to keep engaged in current events to develop critical thinking skills. This writing assignment will help increase your grasp of course concepts as well as ability to work with and apply concepts to real-world events.
In your term report, discuss how globalization has changed MNCsi?? financial management.
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