How will we decide the boundaries for our research? )

A journal of 500 words that answer this question
(How will we decide the boundaries for our research? )

and what we decided in our group meeting is
Our plan would be like the following
Concepts chosen
Why? How ?

Individual line of inquiry
With network analysis
part 2
chosen inquiry
network analysis concept
link each with each other
relate the managerial experience
reflect on own/group experiances

my group question was about energy crises and my group said that some of the boundries is money and ethical issues well they act as a boundries ,we cant fly to china to experience pollution there so that is boundry .

please I want it without any playgrisem and easy to read I want my work to be done just for me simple not too complicated because im an international student but I want it to be well preformed and show that I understand and that the writer had done my last journal and for me and it was good I think a generic answer would be good or what woul the writer think he can send for me would is better from his opinion
i dont mind with the number of sources my main interest is that the journal is well delivered