Hristian Church Event Experience Analysis


-The project requires you to go to a religious service outside your background and analyze it from the perspective of James. When doing the analysis, I am looking to see how well you understand the ideas of the theorist. Remember that all of the elements of the service are open for analysis. Use all your senses: what did you see, hear, taste, smell, touch? What was said? How were sacred texts used? What beliefs were involved? What movements were part of the service (kneeling, sitting, standing, singing)? How do the elements of the experience relate to what one of the theorists is talking about? For example, what would James say about the donations that are being made? What would James say about people who are closing their eyes and seem lost in peace?

-Its best to organize your ideas in the form of an essay. Figure out what your thesis is about what your theorist would say essentially or primarily about the service. Then go about defending the thesis by using both the theorists writings and the elements of the service for support.