Hristian Diors existing and recommended luxury brand strategies.

As a new brand manager of Christian Dior”, you are required to conduct a brand audit and propose a luxury brand business model in order to manage and engage the brand by putting a new branding strategy that will improve the brand performance. You should write a report in the format outlined below: 1. Introduction/background of the brand (product/services/companies).
2. Significance of the project (why you have chosen the brand? Relate this point to the brand audit current analysis.
3.Analysis of current luxury brand audit and its strategies which include: the existing luxury brand target market and brand positioning, brand association, and brand equity and the allignment of the luxury brand identity, brand image and core brand value;
the appropriatness of the current POP and POD;
the brand elements used with its overall existing brand communication campaign including the relevant use of current human brand (if any) or known as brand character with the product or company or service brands identity?
The marketing mixes such as selective/distribution strategies and integrated marketing communication used to address the identity and core value of the luxury brand.
4. Inclusion of related branding models and how does the model help to explain the brand of your selection?
5. New/recommended luxury brand strategies based on the above audit. Recommending the new strategies shoud be based on the above brand audit analysis and results, the chosen business model and suggest the way ahead for the brand.

Referencing Requirements:
Include a bibliography of all works consulted. References to all other sources must be clearly indicated. The assignment should be in the format of a professional Business Report (one that you would be expected to submit to the Senior Management team of an organization). Primary research measures for the brand audit should be included as appendices, and keep footnotes and end notes to a minimum. The assignment should be written in a business report format rather than essay. Any relevant tables and diagrams should be placed in the appropriate section and will be included in the word count. Bullet points and subtitles are allowed. Any text reproduction which is not clearly identified will be considered as plagiarism.