Hristian religious art and architecture

Focus is on Christian religious art and architecturegoing from the Early Christian art o the catacomb paintings to the Byzantine mosaics to Romaneques churches to Gothic cathedrals.

*There are two options for this paper.

Option #1) Describe the architecture of a Christian church and then take a walk to one of the local churches in your neighborhood. Consider the facade, the front entrance of the church what in it is traditional, what are signs that it is modern? Or, what is the floorplan like? Does it pretty much stick to the formula? What are the interior decorations like? Is the space heavy? or light? What features, characteristics make this a sacred space, heighten the sensory impression that a viewer/visitor would have of its sacredness? Think how it is decorated, what the environment is like. What made it feel so sacred. [Please note, the subject matter is focused on Christianity and the sacred spaces and forms developed from it. The importance here is in thinking about how art is used to help create an environment and atmosphere of specialness.]

Option #2) A similar approach might be taken with religious objects/imagery. You might want to think about the various debates that have been made for and against religious art. There are many religious traditions that bear warnings against idolatry, or a misuse of religious icons/symbols. What are the problems? What contemporary examples of this debate have we seen?

You only need to write a paper on ONE option