Hristian view of business and its purpose in society

The Biblical Purpose of Business, The Social Responsibility of Business is to Make Profits , and What Is A Business For? (these are articles).

One-page, single spaced reflection for each of the three articles.

First paragraph: No more than 100 words. Needs to state the authoras intent in writing the article/book, and his/her main thesis, as well as the basic construction.

Middle paragraph: The largest component in your reflection, but no more than 300 words. Here we want you to INTERACT with the content of the book. Conduct an analysis of the core message or comment on some of the aspects that were more relevant to you. You may agree or disagree with the author, but tell us why. What was not said that should have been? Donat just tell us what the author said. Reflect on it.

Final paragraph: No more than 100 words. How will something from this book touch or influence your work? Be SPECIFIC and concrete. No generalities. How will your work change as a result of having read this article?