Hristianity and Chinese Popular Religion: the success of Christianity in China

The essay is for my religion class and my professor is a Chinese lady.

This is a review essay and there are two important source needed to cite:
1. A Messianic Deliverance for Post-Dynastic China
2. Rethinking Missionaries and Medicine in China: the Miracles of Assunta Pallotta, 1905-2005

Donat worry I already summarize them and the make comparison of two articles in a word document. However I will still give you two articles since you need to directly cite from them as evidence.

I am a Chinese Student therefore my tone should be kind of personal

My main argument is that through the story of Assunta Pallotta and TJC the reason of the success of Christianity is that those starters discover the nature of Chinese, focus on the present life, and use this nature to successfully localization and indigenization in China.

You can examine it through different example:
1, TJC established by chinese
2, Assunta Pallotta Christianity from Western, using religion healing and other type of way, considered as superstition now to attract people

Please make a good analysis Thank you so much!!!!