Hristianity as Mediated by Americaas Entertainment Culture & Justin Bieber

The intention of my essay is to outline the interaction between popular culture and the Christian tradition in a format that does not adhere to any specific religious tradition. My aim is to explore the objectification of the divine in popular culture through the examination of cultural and commercial contexts of popular media such as film, celebrity, television, music, sports, and advertizing. Furthermore, I intend to reveal covert representations of themes rooted in the Christian tradition within overtly secular media pursuits. Overall, my goal is to explore popular cultureas engagement with Christianity through a syncretistic and unsystematic approach that outlines the lived experience of American religiosity. , I aim to unpack the tension between the sacred and the profane, the public and the private, and the religious and the secular, in order to bring forth a cohesive consensus of the foundational constituents of American religiosity (as exerted) in popular culture.

***FOCUS OF THIS ESSAY is Justin Bieber as an ICON/EXAMPLE that links Christianity and Popular Culture
Specifics to explore

1)Link between Justin Bieber and contemporary popular Christians

2)Justin, Christianity, and his Marketing Efforts
Hit Single: I Pray


His Tatoos


I need you to write a 15 paged paper.
I have attached the necessary sources below to tie into the Justin Bieber sources above. Please feel free to add additional sources.Justin Bieber is going to be the focus of which makes the connection between Christianity and Popular culture more distinct as outline through some of the newspaper examples I posted above.

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