Hristianity vs Islam in the Middle Ages

Write an essay discussing the struggle between the various Islamic and Christian nations between 630 and 1453 CE. Concentrate on the struggles of the Byzantine Empire, Spain and the Crusades. Talk about what they had in common. And how did they differ? What was the impact of these wars upon medieval society? Start with describing YOUR initial understanding of this long rivalry. Then using your sources, examine some of the actual events and review causes and effects. Present your conclusions and indicate whether or not your research has resulted in any change from your original understanding.

1. Do NOT merely recount events. My teacher is looking for analysis here.
2. Do NOT use easy sterotypes. Provide specific examples.
3. Use a Broad brushto demonstrate your understanding of multiple areas of political and social impacts and effects.
4. Do NOT be over simplistic.
5. Please make sure the paper is 5 FULL pages. Top to bottom on each page my teacher is very strict on that. Be very detailed
6. Use chicago format
7. I need my paper by 1pm on sun 4/11/2010 eastern pacific time i think (i live in south jersey)