Hristians Endure Pesecution in the Early Church

This paper must be based on History rather than religion. Writer please use the same thesis statement as written 2/8/12. These are the instructions/rubic for this paper. Clear introduction and strong thesis evident; clear and appropriate transitions; organization emphasizes the central theme and supports the thesis; appropriate paragraphing; logical, strong conclusion rising from content
Assignment parameters (length, subject, objectives) are observed; focus is clear and coherent (good sense of audience); obvious understanding of subject; orderly development; assertions are clearly supported and/or illustrated
Sentence fluency coherent, unified, varied; sentence structure complete; correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization; varied diction, word choices
Consists of relevant materials and effective topic and research; appropriate depth and length of assignment; sources are appropriate to the assignment; number of citations and sources adequate for assignment
Appearance is readable and neat; correct use of Turabian, margins, font size/ style, pagination, title page; reference page correctly formatted, double-spaced, alphabetized; sources correctly cited