Hristine de Pisans Book of the City of Ladies

Essay Assignment: Christine de Pisans Book of the City of Ladies

Assignment: Write at a minimum a 3-page thesis paper on The Book of the City of Ladies using my i??Writing Tipsi?? guidelines as a blueprint (which can be found in the Writing Resources Folder). Be sure to use relevant evidence from the book to support or refute your argument! Your paper must be in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.You need only your name in a header; anything more (date, assignment label, class, teacher, favorite color, etc.) will be deleted and not count toward the 3 page minimum. Papers should be written in 11 or 12 point approved font (Cambria or Times New Roman). Double-spaced (no additional spaces between paragraphs). Regular margins (1x1.25). I will re-format any submissions to determine the length of the paper. If it is short of the 3-page minimum, you will be assessed a penalty in proportion to the percentage of the assignment missing (2-page paper would start at 67 points).

Recommendation: This is only a recommendation. Follow the same procedure you used on the last writing exercise with the The Art of War to establish proper evidence, construct a strong thesis, and organize your paper into salient points. You will then have an excellent foundation for taking the next step this time which is to write the actual paper. It will make the writing process 10 times easier!

Paper Topics (Pick One):

1) How does Christine de Pisan use The Book of the City of Ladies to criticize medieval European society?

2) How does Christine de Pisan treat authorities in her Book of the City of Ladies?

3) Create your own question and thesis! Those who choose this option typically write the best papers, but it will require a little more thought on your part. YOU MUST e-mail me the thesis and question for approval before submitting your final paper (to ensure it is appropriate).
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The purpose of this exercise is to prepare you to think critically and lay the foundation for writing great papers in college. Rather than writing a whole paper from scratch, I want you to understand the process that is necessary to write well.

As you read Sun Tzu s The Art of War, focus on two main questions:

According to The Art of War, what qualities make a good leader in ancient China? Why?
What does The Art of War reveal about ancient Chinese society (i.e. its people)?

Step 1. List of Evidence:

For each of these questions, I want you to create a list of examples from the book that addresses each of these questions. You must have a minimum of 8 examples (a maximum of 12) for each question. When you write your example, describe briefly what happens, explain how the example answers the question, and include a page citation for the location in the book of the example. Citations should appear as  (Sun Tzu, 35). Make sure that your examples come from several different chapters.

Step 2. Construct a Thesis:

Looking at your examples, construct a one-sentence thesis statement that makes an argument based on the evidence you have collected. To do so, you will likely need to re-frame the original question posed and create your own question. This is the point where you find some conclusion based off the examples you have collected. What greater point can you make of your examples? Make sure that your thesis creates a strong argument and is specific. You should have two theses, one for each question. Please read these websites for an overview of good thesis writing:

Step 3. Justify your thesis:

If you plop eight-twelve examples into a paper without any order or explanation, your paper will make little sense. In Step 3, organize your evidence into 2-4 main points that prove your thesis statement. What are the points that will prove your thesis? How does your evidence fit your points? Summarize your planned organization and justification for each thesis in a paragraph.

Step 4. Submission:

Submit your papers through the Assignments subfolder in ACE by the assigned date (see the ACE calendar!). Additionally, you must bring a print copy of your paper to class on the day that we discuss Art of War, as other students will be critiquing your work. Be sure your final product creates the writing process for each of the two questions above (preferably on separate pages).

Although the end product of this assignment is not a formal paper, it is important that you maintain good grammar and spelling throughout, which will comprise part of your grade (for further details see the Writing Expectations attachment in ACE). Treat this writing assignment as if it were a paper! The goal is to practice the writing and critical thinking process so that your future papers will dazzle!