Hronic fatigue syndrome, mitochondrial dysregulation and oxidative stress

Please define chronic fatigue syndrome, percentage in U.K, female versus men, and age comparison. Please define mitochondrial dysregulation and oxidative stress. Please focus on chronic fatigue syndrome due to mitochondrial damage and dysregulation leading to oxidative stress and how these can decrease health and energy levels. Please talk about how magnesium, COQ10 and omega 3 can help improve energy levels and therefore chronic fatigue syndrome. Please explain how reducing sugar content in diet and therefore avoiding metabolic syndrome can help with chronic fatigue syndrome and increase energy levels. Please mention how physical activity (remember CFS) can help improve energy levels. even a little a day. Please explain how adopting a balanced diet (definition) and rich in fibre particularly from fruit and vegetables and probiotics (functional foods) can help detox and regulate bowel movement and improve gut health and energy levels. How a balanced diet improves health, reduces overweight and improves energy levels. Please provide references for these, and I would accept the NHS and BDS too. Please mention how organic food and avoiding pesticides can help improve mitochondrial damage,help reduce toxins and improve energy levels. For fruit and veg please mention functional foods which fruit and veg would be more suited to help restore mitochondrial function and decrease oxidative stress, AT LEAST 3 FOR EACH. FOR EXAMPLE FOODS RICH IN MAGNESIUM, COQ10 ETC. , Please explain how emotional freedom technique (EFT) (definition) can help improve energy levels, and how it does this.. Please include a referenced diagram for mitonchrial dysregulation from a good source. Please use valid references and new ones too (I will accept old ones if new ones are unavailable or not as good as old) from PEER REVIEWS only, BUT WILL ACCEPT NICE GUIDELINES AND BDA,OR NHS, but prefers peers and including at leas 1 meta-analysis from a good source.. Please do not use a whole paragraph for 1 reference. Each statement should have a reference and I need a few for each of the subtopics. All references to be done in Harvard style that I can verify. Please note research should come from the best in their fields. For instance, chronic fatigue syndrome and Dr Myhill and especially Dr Hyman and looked at from a functional perspective as well..Hence the reason I have linked chronic fatigue syndrome to mitochondrial dysregulation and damage due to oxidatative stress.
The magnesium and COQ10 could also be explained at a celluar level if possible.
Many thanks.