Hronic illness Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Chronic illness pervades most, if not all areas, of healthcare including emergency,
intensive care and operative nursing. As the population ages, the burden and impact on
the healthcare system is shifting from communicable disease to chronic disease, thus
affecting health service providers.

Give a very brief overview of the disease you have selected. Utilising current literature,
identify and investigate the issues relating to the disease of your choice. Think about the
following questions to guide your reading and discussion:
a? How does the disease impact on: quality of life of the patient, family and friends?
a? What issues are faced in the rural and remote setting? Is this different from urban
a? What costs are involved?
a? What is the impact on the healthcare system (with regard to presentation to the
emergency department, time spent in intensive care, operations such as
debridement of diabetic ulcers, etc)?
a? What issues are facing population health and health policy? Is there any current
policy in place to deal with this disease?
a? What are the current management strategies available for this disease? Can you
make any recommendations for current/ future management of this disease?
Remember these can be used to guide your thoughts, you are limited by your word
count for this assignment and you need not cover all these areas, indeed you may
identify other questions relating to the disease you select. You can focus your
discussion to the most pertinent issues you identify in the literature.
To adequately complete this assignment, you will need to thoroughly utilise the current
evidence in the literature. As an absolute minimum, you will need five (5) recent
journal articles. Realistically to appropriately address this assignment, you will ten or