Hronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and the case Management in a presented Scenario

Narrative for COPD case management
You are required to write a narrative of 2500 words analyzing your understanding as a healthcare professional /nursing care team the experience of a patient living with chronic long-term . This is a formal academic piece of work and therefore academic conventions including accurate referencing should be adhered to.
You will need to write in the third person and critically analyse the theme. Please ensure you refer to the appropriate level marking grid for academic assignments to guide you.
This is NOT a reflective piece of work but a CRITICAL ANALYSIS of the topic or theme you chose as your case management.
You must support statements made with evidence based practice and demonstrate wider reading and depth of knowledge and your understanding and this should be gained from a range of sources. Within your work some debate/arguments may then be generated to create further analysis. Please ensure you support your work with underpinning and appropriate theories and concepts and that these are referenced and that theory is linked to practice and your case scenario.
Please also include a brief reflection of what you have learnt as an individual from completing this module and whether/how this has influenced your practice, identified future learning needs and indeed has it enhanced the care you provide for individuals and families with long term care needs.

Case scenario

Case profile adapted from Lynn Astonas story : Discussion
Define COPD with up to date references, consider incident and prevalence and mortality rate in United Kingdom (Compare UK data to local Kent data).
Illustrate symptoms and relate to Tinaas everyday experience (Perhaps Tina might be feeling this, Tina might be experiencing that and so on).
Causes of COPD, effects of smoking and the disease in Tinaas health (link to Tina) critically analyse/ debt/ agues with evidence theory or literature review if smoking is the only main causes of COPD/ identify any other cause of COPD.
Briefly discuss about Social determinant of health such as income and finance, education, environment, and lifestyle choice and so on, the impact on long term condition care needs link this to Tinaas health status, considering it effects on Tinaas and her family.
Define person centred Care (PPC) with relevant theory, discuss how working together with Tinaas to promote Autonomy, independence, empowerment, shared decision making and her family involvement as well as maintaining Person centred Care.
With evidence analyse how COPD impacts on Quality of living + link to Tina case.
Explore the self-management concept, includes current agenda, why itas important, the benefits of this concept and the factors that inhibit people from engaging with the concept (consider using health belief model/values link to theory with referencing) consider BANDURA THEORY or any related theory and link to Tinaas.
Summarise key themes
How this assignment have influence clinical practice/enhance person centred care
Any identification of learning needs.

Font size 12 and in Times New Romans.
1.5 spacing
Harvard Reference style
Most Recent source up to 10 years
References should be in alphabetical order