HS200 Critical Thinking Module 4 SLP Assignment Fallacies

Module 4 SLP


Your task for the Module 4 SLP is to submit a 5-6 page draft of your SLP essay. For this component of the SLP you will develop your outline that you prepared in Module 3 into a full, narrative, argumentative draft essay. Focus on creating a logical flow of ideas so that a reader who is unfamiliar with the topic can easily trace the development of your arguments on the controversy.

SLP Assignment Expectations
1.The essay should reference the controversy clearly.
2.Key arguments on either side of the controversy should be identifiable.
3.Your position on the controversy should be clear.
4.There should be adequate justification of your position.
5.Concluding remarks should be made.
6.Your essay should reflect college-level essay writing skills. Each paragraph should be well-developed.

Assignment Expectations for the Final SLP

For the final SLP project you will develop a 6to 8-page argumentative essay. The SLP is an argumentative essay in which you select a topic of current interest and controversy, research the views of participants in that controversy (as well as other informed sources), outline the positions and key arguments in favor of the controversy and against the controversy, and then take a position of your own on the issue.

The final essay should demonstrate your ability to critically analyze arguments using the concepts and principles from each module. You will be expected to make progress on your SLP in each module. The Final SLP essay will be an integrated collection of all modular SLP components


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