Human Physiology Question with the focus being Skeletal Muscle/Nervous Physiology and Digestion

To Whom it May concern: below are 4 human physiology questions that need to be completed as part of my final assessment with regards to a subject im currently doing at university. the answers need to be quite detailed however no more than 1/2 to 3/4 of a page in length.

1.What is meant by the term  excitation-contraction coupling ? List in order, the steps involved in excitation-contraction coupling.

2. Predict the effect (and discuss the relevant underlying physiology) on muscle contraction, of:

a. A calcium deficiency

b. An inadequate supple of ATP to muscle fibres

c. An inadequate supple of oxygen to muscle fibres

3.You consume a Kit-Kat, strawberry sundae and a coke while watching  Lost one night. Describe the effects this would have on your immediate blood glucose levels and the osmotic movement of water between water compartments within the body. What hormonal mechanisms would be initiated to restore homeostasis? The next morning, you go for a 10km run before your university class. How would the  fuel you consumed last night be utilized to sustain the skeletal muscle contraction required for you to undertake this exercise?

4.You are exercising at maximal capacity (i.e. maximum heart rate and therefore oxygen carrying capacity has been reached) and the workload you are subjected to continues to increase. Which metabolic pathway would supplement the production of ATP in this setting? What metabolites (i.e. products of metabolism) would you expect to see increased in both skeletal muscle and blood, when using this metabolic pathway?