Human Rights) and (Democracy and the Armed Forces)

Subject 1: Human Rights
Subject 2: Democracy and the Armed Forces

Create a two part single essay (2 pages per question; 4 pages total).

Choose one of the questions recommended below for each part.

The answer is not argumentative, but your explanation should include critical thinking.

Should not be less than two pages per question; total essay should not be more than five (5) pages.

Include references (Bibliography)


****Choose one (1) of the following three topics for the (Human Rights) subject.

1. What conditions led to numerous human rights violations committed against prisoners at Andersonville Confederate military prison? What remedies can be taken to prevent such abuses in the future?

2. How senior ranking officers implement legal requirements in military and police operations to accomplish the mission and avoid violations or abuses of human rights?

3. Why police and military operations must respect human rights and humanitarian law?


*****Choose one (1) of the following three topics for the (Democracy and the Armed Forces) subject.

1. Within the context of a democratic system and national interests, discusses the governments foreign policy of the USA towards Cuba since 1959, the role of the armed forces and the influence of various groups on the formulation and implementation of the policy.

2. Discuss how President Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet directed the US Civil War [1861-1865], the relationship between Lincoln and his generals, and the relationship between the federal government and the governments of the several states.

3. Discuss the effectiveness and performance of President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) as commander in chief during World War II, and as it developed its relationship with the military.