Hus experience in The Mural as an allegory

Provide a reading of Chus experience in The Mural as an allegory. Pay particular attention to Chus initial description from inside the picture, symbolic interpretations of the young girl, the a?clanking of chains and manaclesa? and the officer, and to the Chroniclers conclusion that a?there is no sign that the youth found enlightenment.a?

textbook for story:The Bedford Anthology of World Literature (Compact Edition) Vol. 2 BY Paul Davis and Gary Harrison.

MLA format -you are required to learn and implement MLA properly, including a complete and correct heading on the upper left hand corner of the paper, proper headers with page numbering in the upper left hand corner of each page, correct line spacing, proper formatting of text titles, etc.
Include a Works Cited page for both the primary and secondary sources youre using.
Essay Title.
Thesis, topic sentences, full development of ideas, including with plenty of illustrations (quoted, paraphrased and summarized) from the texts.
Must utilize at least five secondary sources.
College-level vocabulary.
Standard English grammar.
Incorporation of appropriate terminology. For example, if its a poem, then the person who wrote it is called a poet; if its a play, then the person who wrote it is a playwright.