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I need a report that identifies and applies Operations Management connect tools to solve operational problems and improve operational performance. I have provided a PDF for reference and some excel files for reference if needed.

Focus on the following:
a? Find an operational problem from the real business world (from his/her own work or from any business articles/cases)
a? Identify specific Operations Management concepts/tools that can be applied to the problem
a? Apply an appropriate Operations Management concept/tool or a set of appropriate Operations Management concepts/tools to propose a solution to the problem
a? Analyze the expected results that may be obtained when the solution is implemented.

The report must follow the outline below:

An operational problem may involve facility location and layout, process design and improvement, supply chain management, capacity planning, quality management, project management, production planning and control, facility location and layout, supplier management, purchasing, distribution, etc.

For this paper, I have chosen facility location and layout as it applies to Centroid method. (PDF)

The Operations Management concepts/tools that can be applied to your problem may include centroid method

1. Executive summary (no more than one page)
Summarize what is the problem, what OM concepts/tools have been applied to the problem, and what are the expected results of the proposed solution.

2. Background information
Clearly state whether the problem is from your own work or from business articles/cases. If it is from business articles/cases, provide its source (title, author, name of the journal, date published).
Briefly introduce the company background (e.g., name, products, business size, location, internal/external interesting facts, etc).

3. Problem Description
Describe the problem clearly and specifically.
You should focus on a single problem, although you can introduce several other issues for informational purposes.
The problem may involve either operational decision-making or process improvement.
This section must include a problem statement starting with, e.g., a?This paper considers the problem of determining a¦a?, a?The main problem of the firm is how to …a?, etc, either in the beginning or at the end of the section.

4. OM concepts/tools that can be applied
Describe what specific OM concepts/tools can be applied to the problem and why they are appropriate to the problem. This section should make it clear that you understand the concepts/tools you are about to use.

5. Application of OM concepts/tools
Choose an OM concept/tool or a set of OM concepts/tools among the ones provided in section 4 and apply it to propose a solution to the problem.
In this section you a?must show your calculationsa?, which means that you must use actual or estimated data in solving the problem or analyzing the process. It is NOT acceptable to provide only general descriptions of how the concepts/tools can be applied.

6. Analysis of expected results
Analyze the expected results of the proposed solution.
The expected results may include cost/revenue impact and/or improvement of operational performance such as throughput time, throughput rate, and inventory. You must be specific to receive full credit

7. Conclusion

You can find sources from any one of the following: journals/newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and so on. Or you can surf the Internet to find an interesting article/case.

you can have as sources as needed.

Expectations for the individual case assignment

1. Identification of operational problem Accurately identifies an operational problem that is faced by operations managers and describes the problems clearly and specifically.

2. Identification of appropriate Operations Management concepts/tools Identifies a novel approach that combines multiple OM concepts/tools that can be applied to the identified problem.

3. Application of OM concepts/tools Applies the selected OM concepts/tools expertly in detail and in depth to the identified problem.

4. Analysis of expected results Provides in-dept analysis of all significant results related to the solution.