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15 page Ethnography of an Urban Space
Your paper combines visual sociology with ethnographic inquiry. Each student is required to do an ethnographic research paper based upon participant-observation of a public place. This could be how a particular subculture or group, utilizes and possibly even changes a particular space, or how a space predicts specific social interactions or performances, or how various groups use or misuse particular spaces. Social spaces, shopping spaces, recreational spaces, work spaces or play spaces are all spaces that folks use according to their own needs and desires. The goal of this project is to understand the meaning of specific urban spaces and how people create, sustain or critique these meanings. (Spaces could also have multiple meanings, for different groups.)
This means going out into the city finding a space that inspires your curiosity and carefully recording what you observe over time. You will also utilize digital photography to enhance your projects. You must use two of the readings from the second-half of the semester in your analysis.

Sample Outline:

Two of the readings from the second-half of the semester:( just pick any two source i am listing below)if u need me to update the sources in my course ,please let me know

Jane Jacobs, a?The Use of Sidewalksa?, from The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

Harvey Molotch and John Logan, a?City as Growth Machinea? in reader.

Sharon Zukin, a?Whose Culture, Whose City?a?

Mark Gottdiener, a?Looking at Themed Environmentsa?

Jeff Ferrell, a?A Jagged Line Down the Middle of the Streeta? from Tearing Down the Street: Adventures in Urban Anarchy.

William F. Whyte, Street Corner Society.

Jeffrey Hou, a?Not Your Everyday Public Spacea?

Mitch Duneier, a?How Sixth Avenue Became a Sustaining Habitata? from Sidewalks

DeCerteau, a?Walking in the Citya?