The Aim and study questions are given below
The aim of this literature study was to investigate how educational diabetes programs affected the glycaemic control among adults with type 2 diabetes.
Study Questions
1. What is the evidence supporting patient education programsa on Hb1Ac values?
2. What type of diabetes self-management education program would have an effect on Hb1Ac values?
In the article we have included the method of teaching patients both individual and group. Show the results of both method and comparison. (We want to show in this study the important of patient education program and how it is affect on HbA1c and self-management, we would like to mention also which method of education is more useful)
We are Diabetes Masters students with nursing background.
a?i Kindly go through the instructions for writing literature study. The area needed to be written abstract, importance of study, Method with sub heading, Result/findings, Discussion, conclusions and references. i will give the attachment of it
a?i Introduction and background we will do it. The work we have done so far is attached under the name of draft and you can use it and if you see that our introducation and background need work please inform thank you.
a?This is literature study the minimum number of articles are 5-7. The articles we have chosen are (quantitative) method, last 10 years. We are not allowed to mix qualitative and quantitative it is 3000-5000 wards.do follow the writing guideline (Gudmundsson,2014).
they want us to mention from where we got the articals like EBSCOhost/ CINAHL, pubmed and others. plz no copy passt