Iabetic and Hypertension, Osteoborosis, Autism, or Obesity.

These my topic preferencess: Autism, Hypertension and Diabetic, Osteoborosis, Obesity,
Medical Research Article Review available 10/19/2013 8 AMa 11/30/2013 8 PM
1) Pick a medical journal of your choice (NEJM, the Lancet, Nature Medicine, JAMA, AJN, etc.), or
2) Search an article in PUBMED/GOOGLE SCHOLAR,
3) Choose a recent article (Published in the last 1-2 years). [1 point]
To earn 8 points, write a 700-words or more summary [Typed essay in 12 points, Times New
Roman, double spaced.] of the journal article in a way that convinces me that you read the article and
understood the basic content of the article. [3 point]
Please compose the summary in your own words! [1 point]
Spelling and grammar mistakes will result in deduction of points! [1 point]
Once you finished composing this assignment in a word document, upload it on D2Ls drop box in a folder
entitled Medical research article review by the deadline. [1 point]
Email attachment or other form of submission is not accepted.
Make sure you write the correct reference for the article at the end of your summary. [1 point]
If you need help on how to use a reference, go to the