Iabetic patient awareness of self-management in Saudi Arabia


I would like to thank you first for your help during my undergraduate study I wouldnat achieve that without your help. Now I am doing postgraduate ( Master of nursing )

I have got assignment for subject called (Research and evidence for practice)

For this assignment, I have to find workplace issue that describes a nursing or midwifery issue of concern for an individual or group of patients/clients

So until now I am confusing about the issue because if I chose issue thatas mean I will do proposal for next assignment and also I will do thesis on it in next semester so I have to choose issue that easy and researchable.

The area I am in interesting and I have background on it is diabetes education

At the moment I am thinking about this topic (Diabetic patient awareness of self-management in Saudi Arabia)

I can send to you most of the materials, references and the information you need for assignment


Thank you so much