Iagnosis and the Treatment Planning (Psychology)

Please answer all questions in Essay format

1. Louis is a 35 year Caucasian man with dual diagnosis of 295.3 continuous and 303.90. Louis recently moved to Austin from Memphis and lives alternately on the street and in homeless shelters. He currently is working as a janitor in a local church part time. This was secured for him by a local shelter. He is able to go to work. Louis drinks daily and his active delusions are at times frightening for the other janitor, a 62 year old woman. Louis is currently on Seroquel but does not take it consistently. Louis is of above average intelligence and has a degree in Biology from University of Maryland. Louis family has little or no contact with him. Develop a comprehensive treatment plan for Louis.

2. A 43 year old female is referred to therapist by her family. During the initial session the therapist notice that she is having cognitive difficulties, is very anxious and easily distracted. What besides relationship building would you as a therapist want to do with this client in the initial session and why? What referrals would the therapist make?

3. You are doing a mental health consultation with a senior citizen advocacy group helping them develop a comprehensive depression prevention program for senior residents of an independent living facility in Philadelphia. How would you the therapist go about conducting the consultation with this organization? What components would you advise them to include in their depression prevention program and why? What type of consultation are you doing? What consultation theory are you utilizing?