Iagnosis & Feedback, introduction to interventions

Diagnosis & Feedback, introduction to interventions

Read Anderson, chapters 8 & 9

Individual Interventions

Read Anderson, chapter 10
a?Logana? case p. 171

Case study #3 due:
For this assignment, refer to the a?Logan Elementary Schoola? case study: After reading the case study, identify and categorize the problems that this group is having, using either the deductive or inductive processes as described in chapter 8. What do you see as the major problems facing Logan? (be specific with evidence from the case) What areas do you think deserve the most attention? Why? How would you present this in a feedback meeting to the leader?

What Iam looking for in this paper:
Clarity of presentation, useful categorization that summarizes the top issues, prioritization of issues, rationale for choice of main issue(s). Sorting through the many issues to focus on the most central.