Iagnostic an essay on a public health issues 2500 word

According my tutor , who did not give me certain titles but he gave me some guidelines ..
for assignment itas a good idea to have these in mind..
Diagnostic an essay on a public health issues
1Critically appraise a range of public health concepts, theories and frameworks for public health practice.
2Critically analyse the social dimension of public health.
3 my tutor need topic is accepted in terms of specificity and critical analysis as well as, it is addressing the social dimension.
In fact I have no particular subject in my mind. But some of these titles or key word that could help you to help me to select good one of them in terms of what I have mentioned above. Here my suggestions:

Examine the relation between social inequality and obesity in developed countries
The effect of new digital media or internet user or online social network on teenager physical activity
Evaluate the role of parent in children physical activity
Examine the physical activity for disabilities people like spinal cord injury
Quality of sexual life for Parkinsons disease patient

In other words I give your writer the authority to select suitable topic for me depending on what I have mentioned above.

Important notes :
I want to write this essay in easy and simple manner taking into account the academic English language like many text book in which its very easy to understand.
please avoid the sophisticated manner in which that I need to show that this essay is written by international student not English native speaker.
With regard to references it must be academic articles from academic journals and books and some official wep sites.
I hope from the writer to formulate the title in proportion to the content.