Iagnostic evaluation of renal abscesses.

The article should be a review article with the following parts:abstract, epidemiology.
Epidemiology part should include the incidence of renal and perirenal abscesses,frequency in men comparing to women,age of appearance.
The next part should include pathogenesis and etiology.In this part a table should be included with the predisposing factors and a second table with the etiologic factors (bacteria responsible)
Next part should be the classification.Intrarenal,perirenal,pararenal.
After should follow the clinical presentation.It would be good to include a table with the clinical presentation,laboratory findings(CBC,urea ,creatinine,electrolyte disturbances,urinanalysis,blood and urine cultures)
Special emphasis should be given to the imaging findings : ultrasound, Intravenous pyelography,ultrasound,CTscanning,MRI
The next part should be the prognosis.
The next part should be treatment
The final part should be the conclusion
1/The index words should be included
2/Below is a list wit suggested references
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