Ialect and indexicality in Wuthering Heights And Mary Barton

This is an essay for a module called language and literature and the essay should focus on the language of the literature; the dialect in the texts Wuthering Heights and Mary Barton.

Explain what dialect and indexicality is and what you understand by the terms in the introduction. Then analyse the importance of lancashire dialect in Wuthering Heights by Emeli Bronte and yorkshire dialect in Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell. Focus on the character Joseph in Wuthering Heights and Jane Wilson in Mary Bartion. Does Josephas Language change in terms of dialect when he is friendly and when heas aggressive? Is the representation of Joseph using this dialect authentic? is is a faithful representation? Does it have an alienating effect on the readers because they donat understand everything that Joseph says? Why does Elizabeth Gaskell makes Jane speak in yorkshire dialect? What is the effect of it on the reader and how does it affect the story? Is this just a way of social stereotyping or is the purpose of the authors to put off the reader? What are the stereotypes associated with yorkshire and lancashire accents?

How do the characters speak differently? How is the dialect they use different? Focus on indexicality in both texts.