Ialogue During the Revolutionary War Period

Write an imagined conversation between two characters from the Revolutionary War period. These can be famous personages (George Washington and General Cornwallis, for example) or any persons you wish. Think about what they would have to say yo each other about the pressing issues of the day, and make sure that their conversation will reveal those issues and the different stands one might take on them. One of your characters should be in favor of the British cause and the other of the American cause. Make sure that the characters are addressing the grievances the Americans had against the British (the Declaration of Independance can help you.) The American sympathizer will have explanations of the problems, or he will deny them.

Be sure that your paper uses good historical information. You want to inform your reader about two sides of an issue from the time period. Some ideas may include: the justice of taxes, fighting the British, the Boston massacre, debate about who would write the Constitution, etc. Be specific (if you are talking about hating taxes, state why you hate taxes.)