Ialouge Essay: debate juvenile justice system

In this essay you will use a variety of perspectives on the controversial issue of the juvinal justice system. 2 experts from opposing sides and 2 others from opposing sides. It will take the form of a debate, look like a screenplay. Offer coherent arguments by characters who represent not just different points of view but also different styles of argumentation arising from their varied backgrounds, educational, cultural and ethnic differences, and personal experience.

Introduction to characters:
Description of the characters, their positions on the issue, and background info needed to help your intelligent but naive reader to understand your topic. The explanation can be included in the context of the discussion. Asume the audience is educated but not knowledgable of the subject. Also they are sensitive to biasthey shouldnt see your position. One area graph for each character.

Discuss the issue debate and setting.
Choose a setting, a venue that encourages high level discourse. Be creative, think PBS level.
The characters will be fictional, but be representational of certain groups and belief systems. Each should bring something unique to the discussion. you will write as if they are speaking to each other, and the sources will be part of the speech. Paraphrase or quote within their Dialouge.

In script form, with speakers asking and answering questions. Each will address their arguments, and then bring up new ones throughout. Four pages
Ex. Tom: ……
Joe: …….
Anderson: ………

Enlighten your audience to your true beliefs. Why you believe what you do, how your views may change with research.
Then take each character and critique their method of argumentation. Talk about the rhetorical strategies they used, and be honest about what they could have said if you had more time. Essentially this is a self critique.