Ialysis: The Alternative to Living with Kidney Disease

3-5 pages including graphics
Summarize each matter under the respective headings including
3.Predisposing risk factors
5.Dialysis as a Prospective Treatment:
-Please include a brief synopsis of Kidney disease including signs, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and why dialysis helps. Add info regarding DNA breakdown, BUN and Cr measurements and its importance. Include intricate details of the Kidneys and what happens to the body when they fail.
6.Management of Health while on Dialysis

Note: You can use what I have already come up with if needed-
Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Since the 1960s, weve learned much about how to make hemo-dialysis treatments more effective and minimize side effects. In recent years, more compact and simpler dialysis machines have made home dialysis more attractive and convenient. However, even with better procedures and equipment, hemo-dialysis is still a complicated and taxing therapy that requires a collective effort from an entire health care team, including the nephrologist, dialysis nurse, dialysis technician, dietitian, social worker and most importantly the patient and their families. Patients who work closely with their health care team by adequately learning about their treatment get the best results and go on to actually lead full, active lives.