IANE ARBUS about her photograph in the fraenkel gallery

For this assignment: Visit a gallery or a museum that features photography and find an exhibition of photographs by a single photographer that you find exciting. Your assignment is to write a two-page essay (typed, 12pt font max, double spaced) on this photographer and the photographs in the exhibit. Please answer all of these questions/prompts in your essay, and use them to help you organize your thoughts and responses:

1. Who is the photographer? Tell us about her/his background and ideas. You may need to do a bit of extra research online or in the library but start at the gallery. There is usually a notebook with information and the gallery staff can also help.

2. What is the medium and scale of the photos? Silver gelatin, digital, chromogenic print? Small or large scale? Are all the photos the same size and medium or is there variation? How many photos are there in the exhibition?

3. What makes these photographs a a?body of worka?? Take your time answering this question and address each of these areas:
a? Concept: What is the common idea or ideas that connect the photos? Does the photographer address this in a statement? Can you see it in the photos?
a? Are the photos formal or narrative? Haptic or visual-realist? How does this help to connect the photos?
a? Composition: What key elements and principles of design connect the photos? Can you recognize color or composition keys in the photos?
a? Other areas: Are there other aspects of the photo that bring them together? (E.g., presentation (how they are framed and hung), shooting strategies, special approaches to processing the photos.)

4. Pick one photo that you particularly like and evaluate it in more detail, using the Barrett handout as a guide: Describe the formal elements, interpret its meaning, and evaluate its effectiveness.

5. Summarize your response to the exhibit and how it might influence your own work.

Helpful Hints:
a? Write as much as you can while looking at the work. Do not censor your thoughts; write whatever comes to mind. You can edit later a but be sure to write something about each of the questions/prompts while you are at the exhibit.
a? When you are ready to write your paper, organize your thoughts. Each paragraph should focus on a major point with evidence to support the point.
a? Remember to go to ARC for help writing an even better paper!
a? Assume the reader knows nothing about the photograph or the photographer. Donat forget to give the basic information about the work (the title, the date, which show/gallery it is in, etc.).