Iane Ravitch (The Death and Life of the Great American School System) relate to Noddings, Dewey, Robinsons idea.

Use the sources from Diane Ravitch s The Death and Life of the Great American School System. Make related to Noddings, Dewey, Robinsons education idea.

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_____/(10%) Includes an introduction which clearly explains your main idea (introduces the connections you are exploring).

_____/(10%) Includes a conclusion that emphasizes an essential aspect of your interpretive focus

_____/(10%) Includes an appropriate number of body paragraphs (see citation requirement–at least one piece of textual evidence per body paragraph)

_____/(10%) The topic of each body paragraph is connected to the main idea and is clearly stated.

_____/(10%) Textual evidence is introduced with context in each body paragraph.

_____/(30%) Textual evidence is included (at least 3 citations from course material and 3 from your book) and properly cited in each body paragraph (MLA or APA), and a works cited page (MLA) or references page (APA) is included.

_____/(20%) Textual evidence is connected to the topic of each body paragraph through adequate explanation and the ideas explored are fully developed.