Iaspora, communication, multicultural question presentation

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The reading chosen: GILLESPIE, M. 2003, Transnational Communications an d Diasporas Communities. NIGHTINGALE, V. & ROSS, K. (eds.) Critical Reading: Media and Audiences . Maidenhead: Open University. (pp. 145-162).

Presentation should last between 10 to15 minutes. You may use Powerpoint or Prezi or any other software to make your point. Your discussion should be focused on the question below:
i) Explain the central argument or concept of this reading (if the reading has several concepts, you may chose to only examine one) and you may relate the argument to examples that you have come across in contemporary media.
ii) Provide an analysis of this argument/concept that is anchored in the reading/lecture, and lead the class in a further discussion by raising one or two questions for consideration.
iii) If there is more than 1 presentation that week, it is recommended that you present all your questions together to the class for a general discussion. (there is)

Criteria for marking:
1. The presentation should be audible, clear and concise
2. Explains the central argument/concept
3. Illustrates the argument/concept with a suitable example of your own choosing
4. Able to generate a discussion with class
5. Provides an insightful analysis, comment or critique