Iasters and Triage Nurses Responsibilities/ or Role

1 page article RE: Manmade Disasters: A Historical Review of terroism and Implications For The FutureOJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Vol. 13 No.1

I need a 1 page summary of this article predominately focusing in on Nursing Competencies For Emergency Preparedness (thats in Bold heading in Article)Post-Diaster Response Management for Mass Casualties on TRIAGEonly, with Diaster Management Triage categories (see Table 4. in Article)specifying color codes & descriptions and Nursing interest of implications (see Table.5 in Article). The major function of this paper is to express/explain the responsibilties of a Nurse in Triage during a World Diaster. I Need a Title Page, Summary( intro, body & conclusion) and cited References.