Ichomtomy During Eisenhower History p5-db

2-3 paragraphs

In the past, a very clear dichotomy has existed in the historical-political argument over the significance of the Eisenhower administration during the 1950s. On one hand is the notion that Eisenhower had been propelled into the White House on a highly exaggerated war record, and the decade itself was a failure. On the other hand is the more recent notion that, under his watch, the 1950s was quite possibly the best decade of the 20th century, thus giving it the sobriquet of the Fabulous 50s.

Which of these arguments would you agree with based on your own research of the 1950s?

Remember: Even though this is an opinion question, you should back it up with solid references that support your response and be sure to cite your sources using APA style.