ICPA Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics Paper

AICPA Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics Paper:

Adherence to the AICPA code of conduct is required of all AICPA members and is a template for the code of conduct for state boards of accountancy. Would you please write a 4 pages paper based on the materials provided at

Please include comprehensive discussions of the following topics:

-Public Responsibility
-Due Care
-Rules 202 and 203

*The topics:Public Responsibility, Independence, Competence, and Rules 202 and 203, should receive the most attention in the paper.

Format: APA styles, you may skip the cover page
body of papera no larger than 1 inch margins at top, bottom, and sides;
font sizea use 10 or 12 point font in Times New Roman style.
A 4 pages double space.

Please be carefully of plagiarism problem, grammar, spelling, and sentence construction.

Thank you.