Icuss a Social problem using that an agency you are familiar with has chosen to address and describ policy(formal or informal)

a. using an agency with which you are familiar;

b. Discuss a social problem that the agency has chosen to address and describe policy/polies (formal or informal)

c. Identify a social problem that you believe the agency has to address and have policies in place;

d. The social problem could include client issues, agency procedures, existing policy or practice of the agency, or staff concerns within the agencys culture;

e. Describe how the policy (ies) affect positively or negatively the staff, clients, and program participants(vendors, partners, collaborators, and community) regarding this social problem;

f. Overall comment of:
1. this social problem and its impact on different parties;
2. the policy and its impact on different parties
3. the importance of this policy
4. and the lessons learned from this policy.