Id both Britian and the USA become largely middle-class societies in the course of the twentieth century?

Please read the books Social Class and Social Reform, Part 1, Bessel, R and Purdue, B. Pages 39-87. Teaching Units 7-8, Unit 7, Welfare Reform: Comparisons and Contrasts, 1880-1970, Marwick, A. 2001 OU Alden Press. Both these books are in the Open University library on the net. My personal identifier is W4432790. Please note that OU grade boundaries are much higher than other universities. A 2:1 only starts at 70%. Previous writers only achieved 50% which is a PASS and totally unacceptable. Please do not use sub headings during the essay. Please do nt write your name on it. Please do not write the description of the essay on each page like, social class as this looks very unprofessional. Please make this look like a authentic essay for a BA degree, not like an article one can find on the net. Please write a bibliography at the end with the authors in alphabetical order. Thank you.