Id Churchills wartime coalition goverment create the welfare state?

Structureclear rationale provided for a focused response to the assignment. Material organised to clearly illustrate and develop the line of argument provided. Main points highlighted and a conclusion provided.

Research and use of evidence evidence of extended and systematic study and the ability to identify, assess, integrate, interpret and evaluate material from a wide range of relevant sources.

Knowledge and Analysis Evidence of a thorough understanding of the subject matter and context, identifying key trends and influences. Evidence of the ability to evaluate different approaches to the subject and justify and evaluate the application of a particular approach to the topic/ problem to be addressed.

Communication Skills Good presentation and communication skills throughout the assignment. Clarity of thought and expression throughout. Fluent and distinctive style.

Referencing Accurate and complete references and bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. References are excluded from word count.

Referencing Requirements:

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