Id crime increase in the period 1660-1800? Provide evidence to justify your answer.

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This is a way of showing that you have a clear idea of the question, e.g. you could define terms, show that you know what the main issues for later discussion are, and perhaps give some broad indication of how you will proceed to answer the question.


This is the central and longest part of the essay and should show a logical progression in your argument. If there are several opinions on the question either contemporary or modern this is the place to discuss them. Quotation can enliven your essay but do not overdo it. In general keep secondary quotes short, and leave longer ones for primary sources (i.e. contemporary ones).


Try to reach a define answer on the question and, if possible, do more than just summarise what you have said before. At the end of the essay provide a bibliography of the books and articles you have consulted.
Web-sites for primary resources: