Id Edward Snowden do more good or harm?

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It is absolutely necessary that you read attached sources for this essay please the essay question is Did Edward Snowden do more good or harm? word count must not exceed 2,500 max.
Please try to show a good understanding of the subject (from intelligence studies studenti??s perspective) and advance a clear argument in a plausible way. Please write this essay as if you were a retired intelligence officer i.e. please follow david omandi??s argument if you could. Of course with critical and reflexive approaches to main argument and the clear structure.

Please read attached articles the most important are David Omands LSE lecture and an article in Intelligence and National Security journal (file named as: ImplicationsofSnowdenleaks.Intel.and NationalSecurityJournal).
Please use Harvard referencing i?? (Author, year of publication and the page number )

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