Id Father Flynn get what he derserved at the end of the film, Doubt?

reqirements for essay:
*must be 1-2 pgs in length(not including works cited page);12 font standard font;double spaced w/1in margins

*indenting, spacing, and page numbering: indent all paragraphs a tab(5 spaces),do not add extra spaces between paragraphs, and paginate by writing your last name and page num# in the upper right hand corner of each page.

special research requirements for essay:
*must have a work cited page done MLA format w/a works cited entry for the film. (ONLY ONE SOURCE

a note in grading:
*a thesis the is clearly indentifiable in the introduction and that fully captures the subject & purpose of the essay.

*an introduction that introduces your subjectv& essay in an interesting manner.

*organized body paragraphs w/ topic sentences that tie the paragraph to the thesis.

*developed body paragraphs w/ relevant support & explanation.

*a conclusion that is thought-provoking & clarifies your thesis and main points.