Id impedes development, it does not promote it. Discuss

The title of this module for the topic is Development Management in the international context

This is an essay(coursework) of 3000 words to 3500 maximum
I will send an attachment of a written essay which i did not like and you will read it.

Instructions for this essay:
Use the third person; not i.
From the introduction you have to explain how you will conduct all the subject. and the reader must know how you will conduct the development (body) of the essay..
After the introduction , use sentences like: First of all or Section one will examine……
Secondly or section two will conduct……………..
This essay will discuss….

We need references (sources) to back up any arguments or personnal opinions from the introduction to the conclusion..
we can paraphrase authors but the source must be there, e.g samuelson (2001, p.42)argues that aid…….. Any quotations or to cite, this has to be back up with references.

Ideas how to discuss:
Think about the the meaning of aid. The role of agencies in development.There are
two forms of aids, bilateral and multilateral. There are different motives: political motives, Economic motives, Environmental motives, Moral and humanitarian motives. Arguments for and against aid. Ther is increasing debate on the role of aid agencies in capacity building and improving the trade infrastructure in developing countries. ( aid for trade and or aid for development benefit). Som people argue that aid has never done anything to encourage self-sufficient development. Authors argue that aid does nothing but perpetuate the cycle of poverty and underdevelopment that is the recurring nightmare of the third world.. Aid can eradicate disease in Africa; case of war in Africa(aid help)Bush administration gave 23 billion to eradicate HIV. AID in term of scholarship..(commonwealth countries). Macrofinance…….Aid can help but Africa leaders are very corrupted (handicap). First country in the world to request aid from the League of Nations was China in 1916-1921 for medical equipment.. what about Marshall plan, after the second war (Europe needed money from America. A country must trade than waiting for aid.Any arguments you can put in place concerning aid in the Middle East, Africa, Latino America, Asian……
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