Id Jewish Americans do all they could to help stop the genocide of European Jews during the Holocaust.

This is a research paper and my teacher already gave me an OK on the thesis statement above, which is the topic.
Here are some major points to consider when writing the paper.
1.Conduct research to help you narrow and develop your topic. Use both print and online sources for your
research. Your final paper should be between 1,800 and 2,700 words.
2.Complete the first assignment, Research Paper Planning Assignment, which includes writing a thesis
statement and developing a formal outline. You will submit the completed plan for a grade.
3. Write in standard formal English, and use the third person and the present tense. Your ideas should be expressed objectively and be supported with your research. Avoid sentences that begin with a?I thinka? or a?I feel.a?

My teacher wants a first draft to look at before the final draft. If you can send both a draft and final paper, that would help greatly.
I will also download specific information once I have completed my order.
Thank you in advance.